Advanced SMT & PTH

This is a three-day course designed to refine the student’s skills in the installation and removal of complex surface mount assemblies including BGA, micro BGA, QFN and ultra fine pitch SMD’s. Curriculum includes attaching thermocouples to devices and boards to capture a real-time image of their thermal characteristics and use that information to create the correct profile for removals and replacements. The student will also use an X-Ray inspection system and a look under microscope to inspect and characterize defects associated with leadless devices.

Day 1

The student will become familiar with:

  • Lecture: (approx. 4 hours)

  • Basics of soldering discussion-Composition of solder

  • Eutectic vs. non-eutectic

  • Flux and its role in the soldering operation

  • Formation of intermetallics

  • Cleaning operations concerning leadless devices

  • Introduction to BGA’s

  • Common packages (PBGA/CBGA/CCGA/CSP/µBGA)

  • Developing the Rework Process Profiling

  • Attachment of thermo-couples

  • Reflow Parameters

  • Site Preparation

  • Basic Installations and Removals

  • Nozzle Features and Selection

  • Inspection Techniques

  • Reballing Techniques

Remainder of day concentrates on:

  • familiarization with machine

  • machine controls

  • machine calibration

  • preventive maintenance

Day 2

  • Attach thermo-couples and develop time/temperature profiles for various devices

  • Install various BGA, CSP, and µBGA packages using the profiles developed earlier

  • Utilize X-Ray techniques to characterize various defects associated with leadless devices

 Day 3

  • Remove selected components using profiles developed earlier

  • Learn various methods of preparing sites for reinstallation of devices

  • Be introduced to reballing techniques and develop profiles accordingly