On-Site Training

Circuit Technology offers on-site training for IPC courses, recertifications, and customized training.  Should you have a group of individuals in need of training, on-site training may be the most effective way to accomplish your goal.  We will put together a customized proposal based on your requirement and the number of students.  

Our on-site training includes:

  • Training and testing
  • Instructor travel and lodging 
  • IPC specs / textbooks
  • Student workbooks
  • Soldering stations, tools, tips (hands-on courses)
  • Microscopes (hands-on courses)
  • Workmanship kits (hands-on courses)
  • Laptops for testing (if needed)

Site Requirements:

  • Wireless internet connection
  • Projector screen for instructor presentation
  • Workstations / tables
  • Flux and solder

Our standard offerings related to on-site training are listed below—if you are in need of a quote or a customized class please reach out to us via email (caitlin@circuittechnology.com) or by phone at (919) 552-3434.  


IPC Courses

Most are available for certification to the CIS, CSE, and CIT levels

Soft skills, maximum class 15 students, 3-4 days

Soft skills + hands on, maximum class size 12 students, 5 days


Circuit Technology Courses