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Weller Certification

Weller is part of the venerable Apex Tool Group family, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world. Since 1952 they have revolutionized soldering with a range of durable and reliable hand soldering solutions for all kinds of tasks. Circuit Technology is proud to offer their tools as a part of our educational courses to help our students work smarter.

Circuit Technology offers this course as an introduction to using Weller tools for basic soldering techniques, TH technology including wires and terminals, SMT, BGA and Inspection. All of our modules are in accordance with IPC standards.

Module 1

Basics of Soldering

4 Hours
  • Solder, flux, solder paste-alloys, reflow temperatures, rheology
  • Component ID
  • ESD
  • MSD
  • Tip care and maintenance
  • In accordance with IPC-J standard 001

Module 2

TH Technology, Wires and Terminals

4 Hours
  • TH soldering and removal
  • Barrel/annular ring repair
  • Soldering wires and terminals
  • In accordance with IPC-J standard 001 and IPC-7711/7721

Module 3


8 Hours
  • SMT soldering and removal of chip caps, resistors, SOIC’s, PLCC, QFP’s, QFN’s
  • Track and pad repair
  • In accordance with IPC-J standard 001 and IPC-7711/7721

Module 4

BGA Repair

4 Hours
  • BGA component removal and replacement
  • Profiling
  • X ray defect analysis
  • In accordance with IPC-610

Module 5


4 Hours
  • Inspection to class 1, 2 and 3
  • In accordance with IPC-610

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