Certified IPC Solder Training, Rework and More!

IPC Training Combination 610 JSTD

IPC: Combination 610 CIS & JSTD CIS

This 5 day course will cover the highlights of TH and SMT inspection, workmanship and process control. Hands on soldering is included but the curriculum is primarily engineering level classroom work.

Day 1

610 CIS Module 1 & 2 (mandatory) Module 4 (solder) Module 8 (PCB and Component Damage)

Day 2

610 CIS Module 6 (T-H) Module 7 (SMT)

Day 3

J-STD CIS Basics of Soldering Module 1 (mandatory)

Day 4

J-STD CIS Module 3 (T-H)

Day 5

J-STD CIS Module 4 (SMT)

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