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All IPC certifications are important to the PCB assembly and repair processes and they are all interrelated; they just emphasize a different aspect. So it depends on either what your primary job function is or what piece of the process causes you the most problems. So here a guide to pick the best class for you based on those two perspectives.

In general, 6 is the minimum however we do go on-site to train for less people very often. The cost per student goes up slightly but the total cost is still often less than sending several employees to a training center. It is also usually much more convenient for your employees to stay local.

Many customers require IPC certification to assure your quality specifications are equivalent to generally accepted standards. It may also be required for military, medical, automotive or aerospace requirements. If not, you may not need the IPC certification and can reduce cost by getting trained in accordance with IPC standards.

Of course! We are here to help and we encourage our students to consult with us on IPC and process related questions. We do not charge for this, it is part of our customer service and most customers take advantage of our vast knowledge. Between our 4 instructors we have about 100 years of PCB assembly and training experience!

Why of course it is Circuit Technology! We have 4 trainers and 4 training centers in MD, NC, FL and Costa Rica that are fully equipped with state of the art equipment. We also can come to you. Our custom designed training cases bring all the soldering, rework and inspection equipment to your facility for maximum convenience. All you need to provide is benches and chairs. Call us or visit our website, www.circuittechnology.com to see our latest schedule or book a class.

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