PCB Carolina Show

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PCB Carolina Show in Raleigh, NC – Circuit Technology, Inc recently displayed their PCB assembly and repair products at the PCB Carolina show in Raleigh, NC.  Customer interest was fantastic as the booth was crowded all day.  Of particular interest was the new solder station from Weller and the new inspection systems.  Several customers are interested in demonstrations of these products in house which we are happy to provide.  Circuit Technology also provided the soldering workshops which were sold out again this year as well as the presentation: “Improve your SMT assembly yields using root cause analysis in stencil design”.  This presentation was well attended and several people asked if it could be delivered by web x to their team that couldn’t come to the show.  We are able to do that so let us know if you are interested and we can schedule it as well as any product demonstrations.


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On a different note, we now have the IPC JSTD and IPC 610 revision G standards and training material in stock.  Please contact us on sales@circuittechnology.com or 919-552-3434 if you would like to purchase these new documents.

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