New IPC-7711/7721 and IPC-JSTD-001 Training Kits

JSTD kit

Circuit Technology announces the addition of our new Premium IPC 7711/7721 and Premium IPC-JSTD-001 Training Kits. These new kits have many improvements including a larger PCB with additional land areas for extra process practice, added land areas for high tech parts not required in the IPC specification but may be applicable to your process, additional components and thermal relief for a more realistic training experience. All this for just a slight increase in price.

For a limited time we are offering the kits at a significant discount so you can experience the quality and benefits yourself.  You can find a detailed description and list of components included in each kit by following this link:  If you have any questions about the kits, please feel free to contact us on 919-552-3434 or send an email to  Orders for these and all our other kits can be placed via the same email address.




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