IPC-620 Hands-on Module


IPC-620 Hands-on Module –

IPC recently introduced the optional 620 Hands-On lab module for both CIS and CIT students.  The 1-day module applies and reinforces the concepts of the IPC/WHMA-A620 Requirements and acceptance for cable and wire assemblies.  This 8-hour course covers the practical use of industry standard tools for cutting and stripping of various wire types, tinning techniques and focuses on advanced soldering techniques for multiple wire to terminals contacts.  Also included is crimping of multiple contacts to meet the industry requirements for all product classes.  Circuit Technology has had a hands-on module for several years that is tailored to a customers’ specific requirements.  The IPC module is flexible so we can combine the two for maximum benefit to your specific organizational needs in an onsite training environment.


We are now offering a discounted price on the optional module for all our scheduled classes or any onsite classes for a limited time.  If you would like to hear more about this special offer, please contact us on 919-552-3434 or email sales@circuittechnology.com for prices and schedules.

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