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Recent Workshop in Raleigh & Asheville

If you missed the Reliability Workshop for cleaning, materials, and x-ray in 2 beautiful North Carolina locations, you really did miss out! This free workshop focused on answering many common questions about cleaning, cleanliness testing, profiling, failure analysis, inspection, and other reliability related topics.

Over the past twenty years, the electronic manufacturing industry has seen cleaning (defluxing) become more necessary and more challenging. Never before, has the removal of contamination from circuit assemblies been so important to a product’s overall reliability. Increasing component and assembly densities, decreasing standoff heights, higher reflow temperatures, and increased reliability expectations have created a “perfect storm” that is driving manufacturers to seek cleaning and other reliability-related solutions.

Presenters from Aqueous Technologies, Kyzen, KIC, AIM Solder, and Dage X-Ray, spoke in detail about a variety of topics, including cleaning / defluxing processes, cleanliness testing, failure analysis, profiling, X-Ray, and more.

What attendees had to say…

Bob, Thanks so much for hosting yesterday’s event and giving us the opportunity to attend.  I found the content very interesting and learned a lot.  Please tell the speakers they did a wonderful job sharing their expertise and providing answers to our questions. – Leland

Thanks Bob. I found this beneficial and would love to see more of these. I would love to attend for any of the topics you have listed. The only thing I would add is to discuss root causes for these defects as discussed. Excellent X-ray presentation! It did illustrate to me on how to optimize our equipment. It showed us on how to find defects. I would like to learn further on how to correct these defects. Thanks again. – Phil

I wish I had been able to attend

If you weren’t available to attend either of these workshops, you don’t want to miss out on our other great resources and events. Visit our schedule to see popular classes for hands-on experience and valuable real-world knowledge. Stay up-to-date with our blogs for immediate knowledge of upcoming events and other free workshops.

I was there and gained some excellent knowledge

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