Customized Training Programs


Customized Training Programs – After hiring 288 new Production Operators in 3 months, JMA Wireless ( needed an effective and product-specific training program.  They turned to Circuit Technology for help, who responded with an outstanding curriculum that addressed quality, consistency and productivity.  The training encompassed both classroom and hands-on skills for the new employees and Circuit Technology delivered this within a week of the first call.

Warren Davis, Vice President of Human Resources, said “Circuit Technology met a very demanding deadline, with a high quality, effective customized training program that has clearly made the difference.  I was very impressed with Circuit Technology’s responsiveness and the quality of the program.”

The timing of this training program coincided with the visit of Governor Cuomo who recognized JMA Wireless for its commitment to Central New York and its contribution to the New York economy.  All of which is made possible by well-trained and highly skilled manufacturing professionals.

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