CTI and Fe Seamon celebrate a significant milestone!

Fe and Angel

We celebrate a significant milestone – Fe Seamon from NYAB (New York Air Brake LLC) has been a loyal customer of Circuit Technology for over 10 years.  She recently completed her 7th IPC Instructor Certification with CTI, so we thought it was worthy of special recognition.  Although we have many customers who are multiple repeat customers, there are very few who have been through 7 full CIT certification classes! Even for a recertification, Fe believes it is worth taking the whole class again because she learns something new every time.


Fe commented after her last class “I have learned so much from my training at Circuit Technology.  They do a great job of not just teaching the specification but Angel also relates his real world experiences that parallel many of my real world experiences.  I have also used the Circuit Technology personnel many times over the years when I have tough challenges at work and I need an experts opinion.  They are always happy to help.  I get so much more than just the IPC knowledge from CTI!  Also, their new training center is so nice.  It is set up specifically for training and has all new, state of the art Weller soldering equipment and OC White inspection systems.  Each trainee gets their own complete set of equipment, tips, tools etc so every student has everything they need to be successful.  I liked the equipment so much that I bought a complete setup just like they have in the training center for my lab at work.”


Thanks for the kind words Fe.  We look forward to our continued partnership and helping you be more successful in your job!



For more information about Circuit Technology and all our training programs, please contact us at sales@circuittechnology.com, 919-552-3434 or www.circuittechnology.com.



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